Z-Rock Socks

If you won a Z-Rock Sock this year… listen for your name on Z-Rock 96.5.

You can pick one of the prizes below.

But, you only have 9 min, and 65 sec to call and claim your prize!




The Z-Rock Sock Season is here!

Listen to your smart speaker, on the Z-Rock App, and on the radio at 96.5 FM.

When you hear the classic “Sock Sounder,” be caller 9 at 208-746-1995. 

We’ll also take Z-Rock Socks all over town to give away at live broadcasts.

See a list of what’s in each Z-Rock Sock below.

(Hear the sounder below)

Enter To Win A Z-Rock Sock On Our Facebook Page:

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What is a Z-Rock Sock?

A Christmas stocking full of gift cards, etc from local businesses, and a Z-Rock Sock T-Shirt.  (See the list below)

Everyone who wins a “Sock” will be entered in a random drawing for a Z-Rock Christmas Bonus prize.

If you win a Z-Rock Sock, listen for your name on 96.5 FM on Friday, December 22.

If we say your name… you have 9 minutes, and 65 seconds to call in and pick a prize. 

But first, you need to win a Z-Rock Sock! 

Listen for the official Z-Rock Sock Sounder and be caller #9 at 208-746-1995.

96 Socks. 96 Winners! 

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Here is what you’re listening for to win a Z-Rock Sock!

Must be 18 or older to win. One Z-Rock Sock per person.

Each Z-Rock Sock contains gifts from:

 2023 Official Z-Rock Sock T-shirt from Cover Me Tees

  • Coleman Oil
  • BoJacks
  • Firing Edge
  • Village Centre Cinemas (free movie)
  • Idaho Lottery ($10 scratch ticket)
  • Happy Day Restaurants
  • MJ Barleyhoppers
  • Early Bird Supply
  • A & B Foods
  • KC’s Burgers/Tap Room
  • CHS Primeland
  • Orchard Lanes
  • Roosters
  • Backwoods Brew


(This Contest is Over)


You can win a Z-Rock Sock on the FREE Z-Rock App!

The best part… no busy signals!

It’s easy to win on the Z-Rock App

  1. Open the App

  2. Press the Microphone Icon

  3. Tell us how badly you want a Z-Rock Sock!

  4. Hit send

We’ll play the winning message on Thursday afternoon! (12/21)

Must be 18 or older. You can enter once on the Z-Rock App.

Thanks to Mike’s Mechanical, this year’s presenting sponsor of   Z-Rock Socks!

Here is a list of locations where you can stop by and try to win a Z-Rock Sock…