Lou Brutus Podcast

Lou Brutus recently called the Z-Rock Morning Show. He and Lee McVey discussed what’s it REALLY like back stage and on the road with the biggest rock bands. Lou Brutus has some fun and cringe-worthy memories.  If you heard the interview on the show… you only heard a small portion.  Listen to this podcast to catch it all!

Lou Brutus “Sonic Warrior.” The book is a collection of insane-but-true stories from his decades in the music biz. It includes chapters like “The Time Our Tour Bus Ran Over A Guy on the NJ Turnpike,” “The Time Snoop Dogg Got Me So High I Drooled in My Own Lap” and “The Time I Went to the Arctic and Got in A Mosh Pit with A Bunch of Kids in Polar Bear Fur While Metallica Sang About Sodomizing A Goat.”

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