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What does BOH mean in a restaurant?

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Do you know the answer to today's online question? Enter the answer below. Here's how the contest works: Daily online game: (One entry per day.) Everyone who gives the correct daily answer will be entered for the cash prize. (You can enter once per day.) Daily on-air game: Call in at 7:20 (208-746-1995) The contestant will receive one entry for each correct answer given. Once a question is missed, the game is over for that day. . Rules: You can call once a week and win the Ca$h Quiz once per 90 days. (18 & older) One winner will be drawn at random on the last weekday of the month.
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What do they call May Day in Hawaii?

Lei Day

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How far does the average nurse walk during a shift?

5 miles

What is the friendliest city in the world?

Vancouver B.C.

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Twice baked

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Ruth Graves Wakefield

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Peach juice

What is the official state vegetable of Idaho?


Name any benefit of adopting a dog from a shelter, rather than buying one.

The benefits are countless, all good answers are welcome.