Lost Cell Phone Returned by Lewiston Firefighters; Woman Rewards Station 2 Crew With Cookies


LEWISTON, ID – A Lewiston woman misplaced her cell phone in Lewiston recently and was concerned it had been permanently lost. She had been playing basketball with her grandson on Saturday and set her phone on top of her car, which was parked in the garage. A short time later, the woman’s husband pulled out of their driveway to make the short drive to her grandchildren’s home in order to take care of their family dog while the family was out of state.

The woman, who wishes to remain nameless, contacted her family, who walked her through the steps to locate her phone using the Google Find My Device app.

“The phone was reporting it was at 16th and Grelle in Lewiston,” a family member says. “[They] told the Lewiston woman to ring the doorbell at Station 2 in Lewiston to see if anyone had turned it in there or located it at the fire station as it was the last known location.”

The fire department crew and the grandchildren went out to help search for the lost phone. A firefighter found it at the intersection, just off the road.

This afternoon, the grateful woman and grandson went to Station 2 and presented the crew with fresh-baked cookies and some Girl Scout cookies.