Stupid Criminal: A Rich Guy Pulled a Shotgun on an Amazon Driver


 A 30-year-old woman near Allentown, Pennsylvania was delivering packages in her own car this month.

They have a program called Amazon Flex where you can do that.

One of her stops was a huge mansion owned by a 70-year-old media tycoon named Steven Saslow.  It’s 14,000 square feet . . . on 72 acres . . . and has an indoor pool with a retractable roof.  (Here’s a photo.)

 There’s a security gate.  So when she showed up to drop off his package, he had to let her in first.  But then even after he did . . . he pulled a GUN on her.

 It sounds like he was worried she wasn’t really with Amazon, because she was in a 2019 Dodge minivan.  And before she even got out, he was pointing a short-barrel SHOTGUN at her.

 She told the cops she put her hands up and let him know she happened to have her two KIDS in the back of the van with her.

He had the shotgun in one hand, and grabbed the package with the other.  Then he kept pointing it at her and told her to get off his property.

She left and called the cops.  He’s facing charges for reckless endangerment.