Stupid Criminal: Cops Stopped Chasing a Guy, and He Crashed Anyway


Cops in Chicago tried to pull a guy over on the Fourth of July after they noticed the license plate on his 2008 Acura was obscured, and he was actively TAUNTING them with it.

He’d covered the plate with tape and wrote a message on it basically daring them to chase him.  It said, “Don’t embarrass yourself, CPD”.  (Short for Chicago Police Department)

His name is Alonso Terrazo, and he’s 21 years old.  When they tried to pull him over, he floored it and started a high-speed chase.

It was in a busy area though, and cops didn’t want to cause a crash.  So they decided to call off the chase after they saw him speed through a red light.

Unfortunately, Alonso didn’t realize they’d given up though, and handled the crash part all on his own. He started driving the wrong way down a street and blew through two more lights before crashing into another car.

Luckily, the woman in that car wasn’t seriously hurt, and neither was Alonso.  But he did get arrested.

He’s facing half-a-dozen charges for things like reckless driving and eluding police, plus 15 different traffic violations.

He told his judge he has a job interview coming up next week, but it sounds like he might not make it to that.  They threw the book at him and set his bail at $250,000.