WA House Unanimously Passes Bill to Expand Housing Options


OLYMPIA, WA – Washington State lawmakers are working on various solutions for solving the state’s housing crisis. Legislation by Representative Davina Duerr (D-Bothell) would help by making it easier to build middle housing options. She says there needs to be more housing near jobs and schools.

“All our families and businesses are hurt by the housing crisis,” Duerr says. “We’re paying higher rents and mortgages, driving longer to get to work, and facing a growing homelessness issue. The old answer—more suburban sprawl—doesn’t work and actually costs taxpayers more money, because it means building new roads, schools, and other infrastructure.”

On Saturday, the House of Representatives unanimously passed her reform legislation, House Bill 1167, to make it easier to build middle housing. This option may seem new; however, it was common in previous generations and provided more far avenues for affordable housing such as courtyard apartments and duplexes.

“Middle housing gives us additional housing exactly where we need it most—close to jobs, schools, and services,” Duerr says. “We need more efficient permitting to start getting shovels in the ground. I wrote House Bill 1167 to help us do that and am happy it received unanimous support when it passed the House.”

The measure now goes to the Senate for consideration.