Legislation Could Ease Washington State’s Housing Crisis (Listen)


OLYMPIA, WA – Bipartisan legislation that could ease Washington State’s housing crisis is on the table in Olympia. Dan Frizzell has more.

WRAP: Accessory dwelling units, whether separate from or attached to a main house, are being touted as an effective means of whittling away at the shortage of affordable housing in Washington and throughout the country. They’re not a new invention; examples exist in most communities. But newly constructed ADUs are currently banned in many cities and towns, and that prohibition would be repealed by a bipartisan bill that had a public hearing Monday at the state Capitol. The prime sponsor, Democratic Representative Mia Gregerson of SeaTac, worked with lawmakers across the aisle to craft a bill that looks to have widespread support.

GREGERSON: “You want to talk about a bill that’s been well-worked and well-thought out and has test cases in other states, and you can see how well it’s working. We’re not recreating anything here. We’re actually just saying, let’s provide some creativity, let’s provide some stability, affordability, and some fairness in how we want to be able to live and stay in our communities.” [:21]

After Monday’s hearing, the next step should be a vote by the full Housing Committee. In Olympia, Dan Frizzell.