Cash Quiz (September 2022)

What creepy 1995 movie starring Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt, asked the question, “What’s in the box?”

Play once a day! The winner will be drawn on Friday, September 30th.

Cash Quiz (September 2022)

Do you know the answer to today's online question? Enter the answer below. Here's how the contest works: Daily online game: (One entry per day.) Everyone who gives the correct daily answer will be entered for the cash prize. (You can enter once per day.) Daily on-air game: Call in at 7:20 (208-746-1995) The contestant will receive one entry for each correct answer given. Once a question is missed, the game is over for that day. The missed question will then become the daily online question. Rules: You can call once a week and win the Ca$h Quiz once per 90 days. (18 & older)
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Past Question and answers

Name the movie from these quotes…  Don’t mess with the bull young man, you’ll get the horns,” and “Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?”

Breakfast Club

What was the name of Chris Farley’s motivational speaker on SNL?

Matt Foley

What was the name of Beavis and Butthead’s neighbor? (Hint: The bald guy who sounds a lot like Hank Hill.)

Tom Anderson

What town was named Idaho’s capital in 1863?


Can you name this song in one riff!?

What’s the name of the 2012 movie about a guy and his talking stuffed animal? It starred Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis.


What was the name of the heavy metal bus driver on The Simpsons?

Otto Man

Which pop singer had a hit single with the Sammy Hagar song, “I’ve done everything for you?”

Rick Springfield

Before going solo, this singer was in the punk band called “Generation X.”  His “Dancing With Myself” music video was directed by the same guy who directed the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Billy Idol