Cash Quiz (August 2022)

The late actor Bill Paxton played what character in the 80’s classic “Weird Science?”

The online and on-air entries will be combined, and one winner will be drawn Wednesday, August 31st.  The winner will receive $250.00!

Past Questions and Answers:

What is “The Munster’s” address?

1313 Mockingbird Lane

What war movie won the Academy Award for Best Picture of 2009?

(*Hint: The Oscar was awarded to this film in March of 2010) 

The Hurt Locker

Which “Game of Thrones” actor was nominated for 8 Emmys?

Peter Dinklage

What Australian music group asked, “Have You Heard About The Lonesome Loser” in 1979?

Little River Band

It’s a popular type of red wine, and “Anchorman’s” last name.


According to the Rolling Stones… “You Can’t Always Get ________”. What is it?

What You Want

On the TV show “Family Guy,” what’s the name of Peter’s friend who “likes the ladies?” The one who says “Giggity.”

Glenn Quagmire

What’s the name of the long-time Seattle Mariner broadcaster who said “My Oh My?”

Dave Niehaus

Adam Sandler plays a 27-year-old repeating grade school in this 1995 movie. What is it?

Billy Madison

In the Empire Strikes Back, what’s Han Solo’s response when Princess Leia says “I Love You?”

“I Know”

What 80’s movie starred Dudley Moore as a drunk millionaire who is on the brink of an arranged marriage?


Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery starred in what 1996 action movie about chemical warfare on Alcatraz.

The Rock

What’s the name of the slightly unstable groundskeeper played by Bill Murray in the movie Caddyshack?

Carl Spackler

What’s the name of Austin Powers’ arch nemesis? You know…the bald guy played by Mike Meyers.

Dr. Evil

Mycology is the study of what?

(Hint: they like to hang out with Fun-gi’s)


What’s the name of the TV show set in a Nazi Germany P.O.W. camp? It starred Bob Crane and a young Richard Dawson.

“Hogan’s Heros”

What’s the name of the 1994 film that revived John Travolta’s movie career?

Pulp Fiction

In the original Matrix movie… What color of pill did Morpheus offer Neo to show him what the Matrix really was?

What nickname was given to the Seattle Seahawk defense in 2013, featuring Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, and more? What was their nickname?

Legion Of Boom!