Cash Quiz Online Game (June)

Where is the National Baseball Hall of Fame located?

Cash Quiz Online (June 2022)

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Barbara Millicent Roberts is better known as who?

Barbie (The toy)

What is the name of Spain’s famous cold soup, made mostly of tomatoes?


What was the name of the motel in “Psycho?”

“Bates Motel”

What is the capital of China?


What album title from Seven Mary Three is also a brand of toilet?

American Standard

Relaxed or tense… which one describes a person with a “type B” personality?


The magazine “GQ” is an abbreviation of which two words?

Gentleman’s Quarterly

What is the capital of Maine?


What fruit drink claimed to be made from “the best stuff on Earth?”


Before they came with gum… what were baseball cards sold with?


What’s the only US state that shares a border with Maine?

New Hampshire

What sport takes place in a velodrome?


Name one of the three yellow properties on a standard Monopoly board.

Marvin Gardens, Atlantic Ave, Ventner

The book “The Bridges of Madison County” was primarily set in which US state?


Which Italian city is nicknamed the “Eternal City?”


What company trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the letters MCD?


What TV soap opera’s opening features an hourglass?

Days of Our Lives

What’s the minimum age required to be elected Vice President of the United States?


Where is the National Baseball Hall of Fame located?