Cash Quiz May 2022

Today’s question:

What is a community of ants called?

Cash Quiz Online (May 2022)

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What medication did the FDA approve on this day (May 9) in 1960?

Birth control pill

What do you call a female baby horse?


The Constitution states that to be a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, you must be at least this age. How old?


This actor recorded most of his lines as Shrek the ogre before his death. Mike Meyers replaced him. Which actor was supposed to be the voice of Shrek?

Chris Farley

What was the name of the college on the TV show “Community?”

Greendale Community College

This tech company was incorporated on June 25, 1981.  5 years later, it moved to Redmond, Washington & its stock went public. Name the company.


What is the name of Ronald McDonald’s friend who loves milkshakes?


A baseball or a softball… which one weighs more?


In car racing, what color flag means disqualification? (Leave the track)


What Canadian city is the largest French-speaking city, outside of France?


Santiago is the capital city of what South American country?


What plants do scientists use to clean up radioactive waste?


What does C.S.I. stand for? (Like the TV show CSI)

Crime Scene Investigation