Idaho Legislative Session begins Monday

Idaho lawmakers are gathered in Boise today (Mon) to begin the 2022 Legislative Session.

Chief among the issues to be addressed will be tax cuts. State budget analysts say Idaho has a record $1.6 billion budget surplus, and Governor Little has hinted he will suggest tax cuts.

Republican lawmakers last year passed roughly $400 million in tax relief that Democrats said mainly benefitted the wealthy. GOP legislators last month publicly discussed plans for another $400 million tax relief package to be introduced this session.

Other topics that have been discussed include an effort to pass legislation for full-day kindergarten, potential bills in the form of tax credits to help day cares, and more money for schools.

Lawmakers are also expected introduce legislation aimed at preventing vaccine mandates.

Legislators are also expected to target critical race theory, a way of thinking about America’s history through the lens of racism. Republican lawmakers have accused universities of indoctrinating students. Others see it as a non-issue raised during an election year to draw voters.