Authorities say two suspicious deaths may be linked

Authorities say two recent deaths near Grangeville and in Lewiston may be linked, and both cases are being investigated as homicides.

The Lewiston Police Department says the alleged murder of a 76-year-old Grangeville woman in Idaho County has similarities to a case involving a body found in a burned vehicle in Nez Perce County.

The body of Edwina Devin was found inside a home on Sept. 30th, and an autopsy determined she died of “homicidal violence.”

The burned vehicle with a body inside was discovered in Lewiston the next day. Police say the cause of death in the Lewiston case has not been determined, but the victim has been identified as 57-year-old Michael Devin, Edwina Devin’s son.

Investigators say the cases have similarities including the time frame in which they occurred. The Lewiston Police Department is working with the Idaho County Sheriff’s office on the investigations. (Lewiston Tribune)

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