Tik Tok trend strikes at valley schools

A TikTok challenge called ‘Devious Licks’ that has kids vandalizing school property nationwide has officially landed in the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley, with schools in both cities reporting damage.

A “lick” in the context of the challenge generally means “a successful theft which results in an acceptable, impressive, and rewarding payday for the protagonist,” according to the Urban Dictionary.

Lewiston High School Resource Officer Rob Massey said three students have been charged with vandalism or theft for their alleged participation in the challenge, where students post anonymous videos of themselves vandalizing or stealing from their schools, usually in bathrooms. Tik Tok banned the trend last week and began removing Devious Licks videos. But reports of ongoing damage at schools across the nation have continued to surface. Massey didn’t have a total estimate of damages at LHS, a $60 million campus in the Lewiston Orchards that just opened last year. But students charged so far account for between $300 and $400, he said, values that merit misdemeanor charges in Idaho.

Clarkston High School Resource Officer John Morbeck said if any of his students cause damage reaching a felony level, they will be charged accordingly. Morbeck said he and CHS staff are also encouraging anyone who sees such vandalism to come forward since it is becoming such a distraction.

LHS Principal Kevin Driskill sent an email to parents Monday night asking them to speak to their kids about the Devious Licks challenge, and to warn them about the serious consequences if they are caught. He listed suspension and restitution in addition to the possibility of criminal charges. (Lewiston Tribune)

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