Rep. Fulcher Under Investigation by Capitol Police

U.S. Capitol Police is investigating a report that Idaho U.S. Rep. Russ Fulcher allegedly assaulted an officer at the Capitol building, a congressional reporter said Wednesday. Huffington Post’s Matt Fuller, who covers Congress, tweeted that police on Wednesday interviewed him about an incident he witnessed involving Fulcher at the metal detectors outside the House floor on Jan. 12 during debate about former President Trump’s impeachment. Fuller told the Statesman on Wednesday that he saw Fulcher aggressively manhandle a female officer after he set off the metal detectors. Fuller said he was interviewed as a witness to the incident, which he described in tweets.

Fulcher, in a statement to the Idaho Statesman on Wednesday evening, said his office isn’t aware of an investigation. On his social media accounts Jan. 13, Fulcher denied any rude interactions with police. He said he was part of a protest against security protocols, including metal detectors, which were put up after the assault on the Capitol. (Idaho Statesman)

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