Board Adopts High School Assessment Recommendations, Discusses Simplifying Fees

The Idaho State Board of Education Wednesday adopted recommendations from their Accountability Oversight Committee that could change when Idaho public high school students take the Idaho Standards Achievement Test (ISAT), and also remove a college entrance exam as a high school graduation requirement. The schedule for when statewide assessments are administered, as well as the high school graduation requirements, are established in administrative code and must go through the negotiated process to be amended.  The process will start in the spring and takes close to a year to complete. The change is based in part on feedback from school superintendents and research indicating that the high school junior year is a better time to measure student proficiency in relation to Idaho’s content standards. The ISAT is required to meet both state and federal accountability requirements.

Additionally the board Thursday approved a first reading of a proposed policy change intended to simplify and clarify fees paid by students attending Idaho’s four-year institutions. The recommended change has been in the works for nearly a year and would consolidate fees for facilities, technology and activities into a single mandatory fee. The goal of the proposal is to be forward-looking and anticipate future needs as institutions collaborate and find ways to look at programs from more of a system-wide perspective while providing students with greater transparency regarding their fees. (Board of Ed)

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