Online Fundraiser Gets Big Money for Idaho Housing Nonprofits

The Avenues for Hope Housing Challenge just wrapped up this past month, raising over two and a half million dollars for Idaho housing nonprofits. Deanna Ward, director of development for the Home Partnership Foundation, says her organization’s event was uniquely suited for these uncertain pandemic times.


This 10th annual event, which runs for three weeks every December, managed to raise 2.6 million dollars for Idaho housing non-profits, which ended up being a million more than their goal. Last year they raised 1.3 million dollars and this year they hoped to get 1.5 million. Ward was surprised at the end money result and says it will be vital to help these non-profits continue their important work.

Ward said 78 non-profits participated in the campaign. The campaign has ended and will come back around next December, but you can donate to the Home Partnership Foundation by clicking here.

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