Labor Department Partners with for Claimant Identity Verification

The Idaho Department of Labor has partnered with for unemployment insurance claimant identity verification.

The information gathered from claimants is needed to make sure others are not filing claims using the person’s name and other personally identifying information in efforts to prevent fraud.

Thousands upon thousands of unemployment insurance claims have been filed by scammers using false or stolen identities across the country. It is estimated scammers have siphoned off $36 billion in fraudulent unemployment payments from states since the start of the pandemic and the implementation of the CARES Act.

Claimants who are sent an email and letter from the Idaho Department of Labor about identity verification are required to verify their identity through the application, which can be accessed online with a laptop, desktop computer or cell phone. The claimant has 14 days to verify the information. The application will also be available in Spanish. (Idaho Department of Labor)