Z-Rock Socks 2020

If you’ve won a Z-Rock Sock… listen for your name on 96.5.
You’ll have 9 minutes 65 seconds to call and claim one of the awesome Christmas Bonuses seen below. Good luck!

2020 Christmas Bonuses:

  1. (Not available) $1,000 Diamond Shop (Mike L. Hazelbaker)

  2. (Not available) $500 CASH from Sutton Salvage (Denise Sandvick)

  3. (Not available) $250 Cash/Christie Scoles/Assist2Sell (DeeAnn Eberhardt)

  4. Not available) Steel fire pit from Gateway Materials plus firewood from Idaho Forest Group ($250 value) (Levi Beeler)

  5. (Not available)   $250 Gas Card from Coleman Oil 76 Stations (Bob Woods)

  6. (Not available)  $250 Les Schwab (Elizabeth Belz)

  7.  (Not available)  $250 Les Schwab  (Jessica Schacher)

  8. (Not available)  $150 Gift Certificate from Zen Den (Andy Vakoch)

  9. (Not available)  $100 Happy Day Gift Card (Billy Joe Tompkins)

  10. (Not available) $50 Hogan’s Gift Certificate (Chad Wallace)

  11. 2 pack of “Super Specials” from Aqua Touch ($58)

  12. (Not available)  Dinner & A Movie ($50 Happy Card & 2 tickets to VCC) (Cori Cleveland)

What’s a Z-Rock Sock?
Only the most sought-after holiday item in the Lewis-Clark Valley!  

Z-Rock socks are a 20+ year tradition for Z-Rock 96.5 FM.  Between December 1st and 23rd, we will give away 96 stockings filled with prizes from local businesses, including a one-of-a-kind Z-Rock Sock T-shirt!  A Z-Rock Sock holds over a hundred dollars worth of gift certificates and prizes.

How do I win a Z-Rock Sock?

Listen for the “sounder” and be caller number 9 at 208-746-1995 when you hear it.  It’s THAT simple!  Except…. if you’ve ever tried to win one, you know it’s anything but simple.  Did we mention that there are only 96 of these babies available?  That’s why it’s such a coveted prize.  Supply and demand, if you will.  You’ll know the sounder when you hear it, but just in case you need a hint, it can be heard here:

Each 2020 Z-Rock Sock contains:

  • Village Centre Cinemas (free movie)
  • Idaho Lottery ($10 scratch tickets)
  • Happy Day Restaurants ($10)
  • Effie’s Burgers ($10)
  • Aqua Touch Car Wash (Exterior Wash + latte)
  • MJ Barleyhoppers ($10)
  • Early Bird ($10)
  • IMUA ($10)
  • Station 3 ($10)
  • Stomping Grounds (free $5 coffee)
  • KC’s Burgers ($10)
  • Art Uncorked ($10)
  • Coleman Oil ($10)
  • Firing Edge ($10)
  • A & B Foods ($10)
  • Demean Family Medicine ($10 cash)
  • 2020 Z-Rock Sock T-shirt from Cover Me Tees (priceless)


Obviously, this year is a bit different, so we probably won’t be out in town packing places full of people with live remotes, so you’ll have more chances to win on the phone.  We’ll also draw a few from Facebook if you change your profile pic to the “I NEED A Z-ROCK SOCK” image (go to our Facebook page and download it), and we will definitely do a few exclusive drawings for those of you who listen on our Z-Rock 96.5 App (it’s FREE on both Apple and Android).  Download it today and get ready to win!

We’ll get creative and give you other ways to win too, just stay tuned to Z-Rock 96.5 to find out how!

Once you win a “Sock”

If you’re lucky enough to win one, your name gets entered into our annual Christmas Bonus drawing, which is held all day on December 23rd.  You have to be listening to Z-Rock 96.5 that day because if we draw your name and read it on the air, you’ll have 9 minutes, 65 seconds to call in and claim your bonus prize!  We are continuously working to add bonus prizes to the list, so check back closer to December 23 for the full list of Christmas Bonuses!

2020 Christmas Bonuses:

  1. $1,000 Diamond Shop
  2. $500 CASH from Sutton Salvage
  3. $250 Cash/Christie Scoles/Assist2Sell
  4. Steel fire pit from Gateway Materials plus firewood from Idaho Forest Group ($250 value)
  5. $250 Gas Card from Coleman Oil 76 Stations
  6. $250 Les Schwab
  7. $250 Les Schwab
  8. $150 Gift Certificate from Zen Den
  9. $100 Happy Day Gift Card
  10. $50 Hogan’s Gift Certificate
  11. 2 pack of “Super Specials” from Aqua Touch ($58)
  12. Dinner & A Movie ($50 Happy Card & 2 tickets to VCC)
Are there rules?

Of course, there are… but not many.  You must be at least 18 years of age to win one, and each person can only win ONE.  Every adult in your household can win (if you’re all SUPER lucky), but YOU can only win one.  If your name is drawn as a Christmas Bonus winner and you don’t call back in your allotted time frame, we’ll draw another name and your entry will go back into the box.  If you DO call back within your 9 minutes, 65 seconds, you can choose whatever prize you want as long as it hasn’t been claimed by someone else!  We’ll let you know what’s available, don’t worry… plus we’ll keep a running tally here at koze.com so you will always know what’s left.  Only one Christmas Bonus per person, so if you win one, your name will NOT go back in the box.  There’s nothing keeping you from winning a Z-Rock Sock every year, so if you’ve won before, you’re still eligible. and you’ll be eligible next year.  Your friends (and definitely your co-workers) will probably hate you though, so you’ll have to decide if it’s worth the risk.  We will use your voice on the radio if you win (and maybe even if you don’t…. some of those caller 8 recordings are GOLD), so please be aware and try to keep it PG.  We may also use your image on our website and Facebook page.

Picking up your Z-Rock Sock: (Please Read)

Due to Covid-19, we will be limiting pick-up times, and masks will be required.  Pick up times will be Tuesdays from 2 to 3 pm, Wednesdays from 5 to 6 pm, and Saturdays from Noon to 1.  Only one winner will be allowed inside the building at a time.  If there is a line outside, please follow social distancing guidelines.  Pickup dates and times will be in effect between December 1 and December 30 (excluding December 26).  If you can’t pick up your Z-Rock Sock by December 30th, call 208-743-2502 and let us know.