College of Idaho creates group against hate speech

The College of Idaho’s administration has created an organization to address the three reported acts of hate speech or bigotry that have been associated with the school in the last year.

The liberal arts college established the Representation, Inclusion and Equity Alliance to address ways the college can improve its response to bigotry. The group is made up of students, staff, faculty, administrators and alumni.

The college is also looking to diversify its faculty and administration.

Earlier this year, homophobic language was spray-painted on Pride flags and sidewalks on campus after the school held its first student-led Pride March. In October, a school employee posted photos on social media of her son dressed in blackface as part of his Halloween costume.

Over the summer school officials learned of a student athlete’s decision to document the painting of a rock with an offensive anti-Black Lives Matter message. The student has since aplogized, and despite several students calling for expulsion, is still enrolled at the school. (AP)