ITD issues travel advisory due to transports from Lewiston to Canada

The Idaho Transportation Department is advising motorists traveling north at night from Lewiston to be aware of larger-than-normal trucks transporting wind turbines and other equipment to a destination in Canada over the next few months.

The first of 301 trucks that will range in length from 118 feet – to 270 feet-long, and 14-feet wide, is scheduled to leave the Port of Lewiston Thursday night if a test run tonight (Wed) at 7pm is successful.

Once shipments begin, ITD officials say traffic will be stopped for 10 to 15 minutes at the base of the Lewiston Hill when the trucks leave Idaho State Highway 128 and turn on to U.S. Highway 95.

Each truck will spend a night on the route going from the Port of Lewiston, north on U.S. Highway 95 to Coeur d’Alene, then east on Interstate 90 to Mullan near the Montana border. Their ultimate destination is somewhere in Alberta, Canada.

All of the shipments are expected to leave the Port of Lewiston by the end of December, if weather and road conditions allow. (Idaho Transportation Department, Lewiston Tribune)