LHS adjusting space to better accommodate special needs students

Lewiston High School is re-purposing classroom space to better accommodate its special needs students.

Last week concerned parents approached school officials about students involved in the special education program and the need for more space.

As a result, administrators say a classroom located across the hall from the program was re-purposed to provide more space for the kids. Students were moved into the space last week.

School officials will continue to troubleshoot areas of the new high school as students and staff settle in.

Meanwhile, the Lewiston School Board adopted a resolution affirming the district’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion at its Monday meeting.

The resolution was formed after the district released a plan last month that includes six action items that aim to address racism within its schools.

The resolution, in part, states the district is committed to “creating relevant and impactful curriculum and services that reflect the varied life experience of all of its students,” while embracing people of all races and ethnicities, sexual orientations and socioeconomic status.

The six action items were crafted by the cultural competency and inclusion working group, which formed after parents shared racial incidents their kids had experienced within the district’s schools. The resolution will be posted within district buildings and online. (Lewiston Tribune)