UPDATED: More Progress is Made on Sunnyside Complex Wildfires

Progress continues to be made on the Sunnyside Complex trio of wildfires.

New figures today provided by the Northern Rockies Incident Management team say that the Clover Fire is almost entirely contained at 95% and stands at 1,550 acres. Firefighters continue mop-up and suppression repair around the fire perimeter.

The MM49 Fire is estimated at 2,801 acres and is approximately 75% contained.Fire managers expect that some pockets of unburned fuels within the fire perimeter may continue to smolder for some time. Due to the fire activity, rocks and debris continue to roll down onto Highway 12, and those traveling on that route should exercise caution.

The Iron Gate fire, the newest blaze, is just about extinguished, and command of it has been given to the Clearwater-Potlatch Timber Protective Association. One engine crew will remain to complete mop-up and suppression repair.

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