Idaho treasurer appeals district court’s office space ruling

The Idaho state treasurer on Tuesday appealed a district court ruling ordering her to vacate her offices in the Statehouse.

Treasurer Julie Ellsworth filed a notice of appeal with the Idaho Supreme Court seeking to keep her offices on the first floor of the capitol building.

The district court in July sided with Republican House Speaker Scott Bedke and Republican Senate Pro Tem Brent Hill in a civil lawsuit they brought after Ellsworth declined to vacate the offices.

Legislators want to make room for more House members and staff offices. Lawmakers say the current lack of office space makes it difficult for House members to have private conversations with constituents.

A 2007 law allows the Legislature to decide what is done with the first, third and fourth floors of the building. A Fourth District Court Judge cited the law in ruling the Legislature has the authority to control space on the first floor and force Ellsworth out.

Ellsworth in a statement Tuesday said converting the treasurer’s office into offices for lawmakers was a waste of taxpayer money. (AP)