Supreme Court halts Idaho online signatures for initiative

The U.S Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that an Idaho group must stop collecting online signatures for an education funding initiative for the November ballot.

The court ruled in favor of Republican Gov. Brad Little’s request that a district court’s order allowing online signatures be stayed until the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals hears the case and makes a ruling. Arguments before that court are scheduled for the middle of August in the expedited case.

The Supreme Court’s ruling ends for now Reclaim Idaho’s attempt to collect enough signatures during the coronavirus pandemic for the initiative seeking to raise $170 million for K-12 education. It would raise Idaho’s corporate tax rate and increase taxes on individuals making $250,000 or more annually.

But Reclaim Idaho, a group that backs initiatives and successfully got Medicaid expansion on the ballot several years ago that ultimately became law, plans to continue collecting online signatures while awaiting a decision from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Reclaim Idaho has about half of the 57,000 signatures it needs and an Aug. 26 deadline to collect the rest. (AP)

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