Avista takes precautionary measures for dry weather conditions

Avista is undertaking temporary changes to power line operations in its Washington and Idaho service areas to decrease the potential for wildfires that could occur when re-energizing a power line.

In most cases, lines located in rural and/or forested areas are normally re-energized automatically. However, during the current dry weather conditions, Avista’s line personnel will physically patrol an outage area before a line is placed back into service. Officials say the process, referred to as dry-land mode, can require more time to restore service but decreases the potential fire danger.

The practice is in line with Avista’s recently released Wildfire Resiliency Plan. Building on prevention and response strategies that have been in place many years, Avista has committed to a new comprehensive 10-year Wildfire Resiliency Plan that includes improved defense strategies and operating practices for a more resilient system. (Avista)