Idaho Senators propose increasing ‘circuit breaker’ amount

Bipartisan legislation at the Idaho Statehouse would increase the amount awarded for the state’s so-called Circuit Breaker program. The measure by Democrat Senator Grant Burgoyne of Boise, and Republican Senators Kelly Anthon of Burley, and Dave Lent of Idaho Falls, would increase Idaho’s Property Tax Reduction program benefit from the current $1320.00 dollars to $2,000, and adjust the income thresholds required to qualify for the property tax relief. Idahoans who are 65 years or older, disabled, blind, or widowed, as well as other qualified groups, can use the Circuit Breaker program to reduce their residential property tax bills. In addition to raising the maximum amount of income people can have and still qualify for help, the bill also takes into account household size in setting the income eligibility limit. The current income limit is $31,280 dollars per year. Presently, a couple that has income over that is ineligible, but a single person with income below that is eligible for at least some property tax reduction. The legislation raises the income limit for households of two or more to $40,000, and for single-person households to $32,000. (Idaho Democratic Caucus)