Pro Life license plate measure advances

A proposed license plate measure would allow Idahoans to publicize their anti-abortion views to other motorists has advanced in the Idaho Senate.

The Senate Transportation Committee approved a bill last week that would create the “Choose Life” specialty license plate. The plate is intended to provide an option for those who wish to “proudly express their support for unborn children.”

The plate would be available starting in 2021. It would cost $35 for the initial plate and $25 for each renewal, in addition to standard registration fees.

A portion of the money would provide grants supporting “life-affirming pregnancy resource centers in order to help pregnant women choose life for their babies and to encourage adoption as a positive choice for women with unplanned pregnancies.”

The plates are available in 32 states and more than a million have sold since 2000, according to the group’s website. The effort has raised $28 million.

The bill is co-sponsored by 18 senators and representatives, including Rep. Mike Kingsley, R-Lewiston.

The bill was approved on a party-line vote and heads to the full Senate. (AP)