Washington House passes bill to cut vehicle pollution, increase electric cars

The Washington House has passed a bill calling for motorists to use fuel that emits fewer greenhouse gases – and likely pay more for it – over the next 15 years. On a 52-44 vote, Democrats pushed through the measure that calls upon the state Department of Ecology to set up a Clean Fuels Program limiting the amount of carbon dioxide and related greenhouse gases released by transportation fuels. Proponents say it would be a way to protect the planet for future generations, as well as help expand the biofuel industry and stimulate jobs in that sector. But Republicans argued it would cost jobs by raising the price of gasoline and diesel for farmers, truckers, and families. The measure also seeks to expand the number of electric vehicles on the road. The bill now advances to the Senate, where a similar measure received a committee hearing but wasn’t put to a full vote.  (Spokesman Review) Photo by Annika Palmari on Unsplash