Win a Z-Rock Sock at the Christmas Parade!

Come to the Clarkston Lighted Christmas Parade on Saturday, December 7th and hold up a sign (must be visible to us from the street) showing that you want to win a Z-Rock Sock!

Be creative… make the sign as fun and big as you want (please don’t get in the way of others trying to enjoy the parade… you know, like an umbrella at a baseball game?)  When you see the Rocksplorer, please make sure you get our attention so we can see your sign!  We’ll keep track of everyone who participates during the parade and announce the winner on Facebook, and on Z-Rock 96.5 shortly following the parade.  Everyone who participates will be given a number and you’ll need that number to prove who you are and claim the sock… so don’t lose it!

If you have specific questions, please call the request line at 208-746-1995 or click here to send us an email!  You must be at least 18 to win a Z-Rock Sock.

Good Luck, and Folks, Folks…. Merry Christmas!