Public comment on Washington’s gray wolf management plan extended

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has extended the public comment period for residents to weigh in on how the state should manage the gray wolf population.

The state has in recent years authorized killings of individual wolves or an entire pack in an effort to stop the animals from preying on cattle.

The Profanity Peak wolf pack in 2016 was shot by contractors from helicopters, followed by the lethal removal of members of the Sherman and Wedge packs. Wolves in the Togo pack were killed in 2018 after attacks on cattle, and this past August and September saw the entire OPT pack and some members of the Grouse Flats pack killed for the same reason.

The wolf management public comment period runs through Friday, November 15th.

The state canceled wolf-related meetings in August, citing concerns of violence from people on both sides of the issue. (AP)