Morning Cash Quiz Winner! (Updated June 18)

Congrats to Cheryl Livengood!  She won this round.

The Cash Quiz is played at 7:20 on 96.5 FM.  Tune in or download the app HERE!. Caller 9 will have a chance to beat the buzzer and win the money. The first person to get all ten right will win $25 cash and  $25 Happy Card.

Thanks to our sponsor Early Bird Supply.

Here are the questions unveiled so far…


    1. Tin and copper make up this alloy.


    1. What’s the name of the park the Seattle Mariners play in?

    T Mobile

    1. In which state can you find Diamond Head State Park?


    1. What did John Pemberton invent?


    1. Which is the westernmost state in the US?


    1. In the Old Testament, who wore their hair in seven braids?


    1. Which Ocean is the Gulf Stream in?


    1. This network aired the show, “Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire.”


    1. Who was George Wallace’s running mate in 1968?

    Air Force General Curtis LeMay

    10. When the cow jumped over the moon, what ran away with the spoon?

    The Dish