Lewiston School Board OKs $44.4 million budget for 2019-20

The Lewiston School Board has approved a 44.4 million general fund budget for the 2019-2020 school year.

The spending plan includes a 3.1 percent pay increase to classified employees, administrators, and supervisors following a similar raise given to certified employees earlier this year. The current year’s amended budget and next year’s plan are increases over the $42.6 million proposed budget a year ago, due to increases in salaries and wages, as well as a higher cost to the Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho.

Officials say salary and benefits account for 87 percent of the Lewiston School District’s budget, so any adjustments can account for large differences between budgets.

Also on Monday, the school board authorized administrators to submit a three-year seat time waiver request to the Idaho State Board of Education for Tammany High School. The board previously adopted a comprehensive school improvement plan for the alternative school which would switch the program to a mastery-based curriculum. Students under a mastery-based education plan have to show they are competent in content areas, and are not required to commit 60 hours of “seat time” to earn a credit. (Lewiston Tribune)

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