Asotin-Anatone School Board OKs cuts to preschool, personnel

The elimination of preschool and the laying off of a number of employees are among the steps being taken after the Asotin-Anatone School Board on Monday moved forward with cuts to programs and personnel for next year.

This fall will see the end of the district’s preschool program, while layoffs include a fourth-grade teacher, a special education teacher, an accompanist in the music program, and a part-time employee in the food services.

For now, the board kept in place athletic programs, thanks to a last-minute move by the Washington Legislature that added extra funds for the school district, and provided enough money to continue athletics for the next two years.

Meanwhile, lawmakers also raised the statewide levy cap of $1.50 per $1,000 in assessed value to $2.50. That allows school districts to generate more money for extracurricular activities that fall outside the state’s definition of basic education funding.

However, Asotin-Anatone officials don’t yet know whether or not the district will be able to rerun its levy at the higher rate before the current three-year levy expires in 2021. (Lewiston Tribune)

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