Morning Cash Quiz: $100 Round! (4/23)

Kevin Damon won $100 this round!

Play the game weekdays at 7:20 on the Z-Rock Morning Show with Lee McVey.

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  1. What is a flamingo’s natural color before it’s diet turns it’s feathers pink?

  2. What cable television channel’s first year featured five shows on a loops and a mime between programs?

  3. What sandwich was introduced when burger sales dipped at an Ohio McDonald’s during Lent in the 1960’s?

  4. What singer has pianos named after Aretha Franklin and Dianna Krall?

  5. What’s the crime-fighting identity of Penrod “Henry” Pooch?

  6. What pitcher holds the major league record for career strikeouts?

  7. Bibliosmia is the act of smelling what?

  8. Jack Ryan designed missiles before becoming the designer of this doll?

  9. What astronaut’s mother had the maiden name “Moon?”

  10. In the movie “Pulp Fiction,” who won the Jack Rabbit Slim Twist Contest?