Morning Cash Quiz Winner! (Updated Feb 26)

Darren Gill is the winner!

When talking about border security… what does ICE stand for?

Immigration and Customs Enforcement

What was the last song Black Sabbath played at their final concert?


Who is the new head coach of the LCSC Warrior Baseball team?

Jake Taylor

Tom Berenger played a baseball player named “Jake Taylor” in what movie?

Major League

What is a group of crows called?


Who played the lead in the movie “The Last Boyscout?”

Bruce Willis

The Rams have been an NFL team based in which 3 cities?

Cleveland, St. Louis, Los Angeles

In The Marvel Universe, we also know Carol Danvers by what name?

Captain Marvel

In The Addams Family, what does Morticia do that always excites Gomez?

Speaks French

What company had a 30-foot inflatable gorilla atop their Rhode Island headquarters for decades?