Lewiston city council to consider draft plan to manage airport

The Lewiston city council voiced concerns over city manager Alan Nygaard’s proposed draft management plan for the Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport at a council meeting Monday night. 

Nygaard was looking to allay fears of a city takeover of the airport, which is governed by a Joint Airport Authority created nearly a decade ago by the city and Nez Perce County, which co-own the airport. He said the city’s role in the proposed arrangement would be limited to management duties like accounting, maintenance, security, records maintenance and reporting, public relations and hospitality. He also addressed concerns over the status of airport employees who would become city employees under the proposal – a move would allow the airport to rein in some costs in the face of budget cuts that mainly stem from Alaska Airlines’ decision to pull subsidiary Horizon Airlines out of the airport last year. 

Nygaard will present the draft plan to the airport board at its Wednesday meeting and incorporate its input into the next draft. (Lewiston Tribune)

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