Committee favors Lewiston middle school change

An exploratory committee composed of teachers and administrators has recommended to the Lewiston School Board the district switch to a sixth- through eighth-grade middle school structure in the fall of 2020. The timeline would correspond with the opening of Lewiston’s new high school, which will for the first time house ninth-graders.

The committee has been meeting since November to research the topic after the school board directed staff to look into the new structure.

Elementary schools in Lewiston currently house kindergartners through sixth-graders.

Officials say if the ninth-grade students were replaced with sixth-grade students at the current junior high schools, the enrollment in the schools would remain the same.

The committee says the move to the middle school structure could also open up additional opportunities for extracurricular activities for sixth-graders.

A special meeting to vote on a resolution about the switch to middle schools is expected to be scheduled for next week. (Lewiston Tribune)