Ca$h Quiz Questions (1-29)

Tune in at 7:20 to hear the Morning Ca$h Quiz. Sponsored by Early Bird Supply.

Play along and scream out the answers… or call in and try for the money!

The number is (208) 746-1995.  We’ll take caller #9.

Questions revealed so far…

  1. This actress was her high school’s homecoming queen nearly a decade before starring in “Carrie.”
  2. What city has the most strip clubs per capita in the U.S.?
  3. Coulrophobia is the fear of these.
  4. What Marvel Comics character was originally grey in color before a printing issue forced a switch?
  5. Who’s the only Disney Princess with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame?
  6. What classic rock band was originally called “Detour?”
  7. What blonde-hared icon’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts?
  8. What was the most populous U.S. State according to the first census in 1790?
  9. What quarterback holds the NFL record for most passing yards in a career?
  10. What sports car derives its name from a small maneuverable warship?