Ca$h Quiz (Updated Nov 15)

Joe Thornton won the money! See all the answers below:

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Questions so far…

  1. The Vice President serves as President of this US Government body. Senate
  2. What WSU QB holds the record for most career passing TD’s?            Luke Falk
  3. Luke Faulk currently plays for what NFL team?        Miami Dolphins
  4. Name 5 schools other than LCSC who play in the Frontier Conference.Carroll College, College of Idaho, Eastern Oregon, Montana Northern, Montana Tech, Montana Western, Providence, Rocky Mt, Southern Oregon
  5. Outside of Alaska and Hawaii… what town has the highest zip code in the United States? Clarkston WA
  6. What song says; “Little brothers got a drivin’ machine. A fast driver, such a clean machine.?”                                (You Can Still) Rock In America
  7. What was the first cable TV series to win an Emmy for Outstanding Drama?  Sopranos
  8. Is someone is an EGOT, they’ve won which awards?         Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony
  9. In 1962, he became the first American to orbit the Earth.   John Glenn
  10. What branch of Military do the Blue Angels belong to?       Navy