Washington Elections: Carbon tax measure fails, firearms initiative and police reform pass

More than 56 percent of those who cast ballots were defeating Washington Initiative 1631, which would charge large carbon emitters’ fees on fossil fuels used or sold in the state or electricity generated within the state starting in 2020.

Initiative 1634, which prohibits local governments from imposing new taxes on soda or grocery items, was passing 55 percent to 45 percent.

I-1639 was passing with over 60 percent approval. That measure toughens background checks for people buying semi-automatic rifles, increases the age limit to 21 for buyers of those guns, and adds firearm storage provisions.

Initiative 940, designed to improve police training in de-escalation tactics, and eliminate a requirement that prosecutors prove officers acted with malice to get a conviction in negligent shootings, was passing with more than 59 percent yes votes. (Washington Secretary of State)

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