Ca$h Quiz Winner: Ben Lunder (Updated 9/26)

10 questions.  60 seconds to answer them.  We take caller #5 at 7:20 each morning at 208 746-1995. Good luck!

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Ben Lunders called in and answered these questions to win $65.


A spoof of the Cabbage Patch Kids was the inspiration for this line of trading cards.

Garbage Pail Kids

For what profession is “Wolfgang Puck” best known?


When spelled, what day of the week has the most letters?


What State is the TV Show “The Big Bang Theory” set in?


What’s the name of the character who told us to “Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute?”

Woodsy Owl

What canned tuna company has used a mermaid on its logo since the 1950’s?

Chicken of the Sea

What alloy is comprised of copper and zinc?


What two US States have their own time zones?

Alaska & Hawaii

Who was the famous Arch in St. Louis was named after?

Thomas Jefferson

He was the first US President to be born in the 20th Century and unfortunately died in it.

John F. Kennedy