U.S. House committee approves bill to add 3rd District Court judge in Idaho

The House Judiciary Committee Thursday approved legislation that authorizes a third U.S. District judge for Idaho, and adds judges to other jurisdictions with judicial emergencies.

Idaho’s congressional delegation, including Representative Raul Labrador and Senator Mike Crapo, have been pushing to add another federal jurist due to Idaho’s courts being plagued by delays due to an overburdened caseload for the two existing judges. From 2015 to 2017, Idaho had just one full-time district court judge and the Judicial Conference of the United States has declared a judicial emergency.

To fill the gap, dozens of judges from other states have presided over Idaho cases in recent years.

Idaho hasn’t added a district judge since 1954 when the population reached 600,000- Idaho’s population is now 1.7 million.

The bill advance to the full House Thursday authorizes an additional 52 judges nationwide, taking effect in January 2021. (Idaho U.S. Rep. Raul Labrador)

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