Asotin County rejects city’s request for law enforcement help

Asotin County has rejected a request by the city of Asotin to provide law enforcement officers when needed.

County commissioners this week turned down an offer by the city to pay $30 an hour for deputies from the Asotin County Sheriff’s Office to handle calls when an Asotin police officer isn’t available. Commissioners say the city’s proposed agreement does not cover the costs to the county, and the panel prefers the county’s previous idea to hire two more deputies at a cost of $240,000, and take over all law enforcement duties inside city limits.

The city asked for the county’s assistance assistance from September through December as a short-term fix prior to the outcome of a November levy.

Asotin is running a proposed property tax increase of a $1.10 per $1,000 of assessed valuation in hopes of securing additional funding for police, fire, and the city’s general fund.

The police issue will be discussed by the Public Safety Committee and then move on to the city council for consideration. (Lewiston Tribune)

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