Morning Ca$h Quiz (Michael Uhlenkott won)

Michael Uhlenkott recently won $55 on the morning cash quiz. Sponsored by Early Bird Supply. Play along or call in to win at 7:20 with Lee McVey.  We add more cash each day until we get a winner.  Here are the questions and answers to the latest round:

Here are the questions answered so far this round…Which Ocean was the first to be crossed by both ship and plane?

  1. Which Ocean was the first to be crossed by both ship and plane?Atlantic

    What kind of animal was Rikky Tikky Tavi?


    Name the US States that end with the letter “N’ (Nancy)

    Washington, Michigan, Oregon, Wisconsin

    In horse racing, it’s the position of a horse that comes in second.


    In music, a platinum record is awarded for selling how many records?

    One million copies

    A bird’s collarbone is more commonly known as what?


    What letter in the alphabet is the only one with more than one syllable?


    Sodium bicarbonate is better known as what?

    Baking soda

    The NBA gives this annual award to a player who comes off the bench.

    6th Man Award

    Where will you find the “Sea of Tranquility?”