Idaho Ed Board: Keep K-3 reading test statewide

The Idaho State Board of Education has come out against a legislative proposal seeking to revise the state’s 20-year-old reading test for young students.

Board members say they will oppose any legislation that would remove a statewide reading assessment.

Lawmakers have been working behind closed doors for weeks on redesigning or replacing the so-called Idaho Reading Indicator – an early reading test for kindergarten through third-grade with the intent of identifying students falling behind. It’s been a tool used by schools for two decades, but one some critics say it’s due for retirement.

Earlier this week, chair of the House Education Committee Representative Julie VanOrden introduced a bill that would allow local school districts create their own reading assessments. That proposal was scheduled for a hearing Friday, but has since been removed from the agenda.

Board members countered that a statewide assessment ensures a consistent evaluation process.  (AP)