Bomb threats force evacuations of Lewiston junior high schools

Two separate bomb threats forced Lewiston School District officials to evacuate students at both junior high schools Wednesday.

Jenifer Junior High students were evacuated to Bengal Field at around 9:15am after school officials received a bomb threat.  Students were allowed to leave with parents if they chose.  The evacuation order was lifted at 9:58am and classes resumed after the campus had been searched and no bomb was detected.

Meanwhile, a second bomb threat received at 1:58pm led to the evacuation of Sacajawea Junior High.  Students were evacuated to the school’s football field where some were released to parents.  The evacuation order was lifted at 2:45pm after a search found no evidence of a bomb on campus.

Last May a series of four bomb threats led to the arrest of a Sacajawea 8th grade student.