Study: Idaho teacher salaries rank lowest in nation

A new study shows that Idaho teacher salaries rank at or near the bottom nationally.

Using Census Bureau numbers, the Brookings Institution’s Hamilton Project compares salaries and accounts for local cost of living. For all teachers, not counting post-secondary instructors, Idaho’s salaries rank lowest in the nation, and come in 12 percent below the national average.

Kindergarten and pre-K teacher salaries also rank lowest in the nation, and lag 18 percent behind the national average. Special education teacher salaries rank second-lowest in the nation, topping only Maine, while the Gem State’s average salary comes in 23 percent below the national average.

Idaho’s salaries for primary and secondary teachers lag behind the national averages by 13 percent and 10 percent, respectively. Post-secondary instructors fare better, as the Idaho average comes within 4 percent of the national average.

The Brookings Institution is a nonpartisan public policy think tank based in Washington, D.C. (IdahoEdNews)