Ca$h Quiz Winner: Mark Williams (May 14)

Mark Williams won this round of the ca$h quiz.

(Thanks Early Bird Supply!)

Here are the questions and answers…

Samuel Clemens is better known by what name?

Mark Twain

What is the name of the boy who disappears at the beginning of “Stranger Things?” (Character’s 1st & last)

Will Byers

In the classic song by The Animals, where was the “House of the Rising Sun” located?

New Orleans

What Atlantic island getaway are you visiting when you stay in the Capitol of Hamilton?


According to, what is Deadpool’s real name?

Wade Wilson

Which US President survived two assassination attempts during a 17-day span in the 1970’s?

Gerald R. Ford

In the first Deadpool movie, what actress’s face is on Wade’s tee shirt when he talks to the pizza guy?

Bea Arthur

What word is both a computer language and a nickname for coffee?


Zakk Wylde (Ozzy & Black Label Society) was in the band “Steel Dragon” in what 2001 movie?


Who is the title sponsor of the Avista NAIA World Series?